Expectation leads to Encounter – Ruth 2:

Expectation leads to Encounter – Ruth 2:1-4
We need to live lives of an expectation of favour from the Lord.
An expectation of favour:
That overcomes any disability.
Ruth is not a Jew, she is from the country of Moab.
The Moabite nation had a wicked beginning. Lot, Abram’s nephew had a son by his eldest daughter, they called him Moab, the descendants of which were called Moabites.
Naomi has lost everything and she has no means of improving her life. Ruth could have said, “I’m a stranger in this land, I’m too vulnerable. I can’t do anything to help. Don’t look to me. I can’t because I’m a Moabitess.”
We all have something that needs to be overcome and in some cases it may well remain with us all our life. For us it is a stigma, it is a distinguishing mark of social disgrace, even if others don’t think so.
“I’m not married and I want to be. I’m in a job and I can’t get out of it. I don’t have a job and I want one. There is someone who hates me but I wish they were my friend. I have a physical handicap and I can’t believe it’s here to stay. I worry about my sexuality, am I normal? I’m a sick person who worships God the healer. I’m a Moabitess, I’m a foreigner here, I had a husband for 10 years but he died. It wasn’t a strong marriage, his name was Mahlon, it means weakling, but nevertheless I loved him. I have no children, I have no future and the person I love and respect the most, Naomi, wants a name change to Mara meaning bitterness.”
God is calling us to overcome whatever disabilities lay in front of us so that we can expect His favour. He has called us to live by faith and not by sight.

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