Luke 22: 63-65 “The men who were guarding Jesus began mocking and beating him. They blindfolded him and demanded, “Prophesy! Who hit you?” And they said many other insulting things to him.”


Contempt. That’s what Jesus suffered amongst other things. Treated with no respect. Belittled. He was dealt in a way that showed no consideration for who he was.

We have all experienced that at some point in our life.

Contemptuous bullies are sadly everywhere and in places where we least expect them to be.

I remember the day I was called into a senior’s office to be given an experience of what I can only call as being bullied. I felt 2 inches tall which of course I am actually much taller than that. But contempt is to be treated less than you really are. The senior did a good job. I later learnt he was quite experienced at it as well.

I heard of a senior recently leaving their junior in tears.

We all have our stories. But why do people treat each other that way?

Here is why.

Jesus was blindfolded that day but he was the only one who wasn’t blind.

Those who show contempt are often small-minded and blind.

Bullies are the most blind of people.

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