Thanks for taking some time to look at my little blog.

As well as my thoughts and travel experiences you will also find a daily devotional that I write as I go through the whole bible, a chapter a day!

A little about me… I became a Christian when I was 8 years old when watching the film ‘Thief in the Night’, a film about Jesus’ second coming and the rapture of the true church. I was the pastor of a great church in Dewsbury for 17 years until taking on the role of International Missions Director in 2013.

My three top dreams (aside from being part of the rapture) are:1. Attend U2 concert (done that one – awesome) 2. Run a marathon (done that one too – I ran the Belfast Marathon in 2010 and a couple of others since!) 3. Learn to play the trombone (Got the trombone so just need to learn it now!).

Thanks again for reading and please do leave a comment or get in touch.


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