Psalm 35

Day 35: Be blessed!

So many of these Psalms are songs of struggle.
Contend, fight, shield and armour, spear and javelin, plot my ruin, poor and needy, ruthless witnesses, bereaved and we are only half way through the song. In all of this story there are voices speaking accusations, fear and sentencing of the psalmist.
On the journey of faith we will hear all three voices, they are predictable and monotonous, we might aswell be ready for it:-
“Aha! We have seen you do it, heard you say it, we know you!” v21
“Aha! It has happened just as we had said, you are brought down” v25
“You are down and out, finished, over with no return.” v25
Over the years I have heard these voices through friends and enemies alike. However, the constant threat has been mainly with the voice within. I continually have to defeat this voice by speaking a louder voice, a declaration, a statement of truth which the decisions of my life are based on. The Psalmist shares his:
“God has said He is my salvation” v3
“There is no one like You, Lord”, v10
“You delight in me” v27
And that my friends is why we are blessed!

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