Psalm 37

Day 37: Be blessed!

I have a friend who is blessed.
A few years ago she didn’t feel blessed.
Back then the evil one seemed to have won the day, v7
But today she is blessed.
She has come along way since that time
She has learnt to turn from anger (v8) and trust in the Lord (v3).
Committing her way to Him (v5) He is vindicating her life even now (v6)
She is blessed.
In truth what the enemy wanted to do was to steak, kill and destroy (v14, 32).
Her enemy materially came off better (v16, 35) because they stole power from her (v17).
This was a disaster day and emptiness followed (v19)
But she is blessed now!
How do I know?
I have looked at her children, v26.
She is blessed because her children are a blessing to her.
They are being used in blessing to others.
You may have a similar journey. Don’t look back, look at what you have. Look at your children.
Your journey may not be similar and you may not have children.
But all of us can have offspring, a legacy of influencing the next generation, those younger than us that we befriend and mentor.
As we take on these parenting tasks, they become our blessing.

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