Psalm 39

Day 39: Be blessed!

“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you” v7.

So much for your promises
They died the day you let me go
Caught up in a web of lies
But it was just too late to know
I thought it was you
Who would stand by my side
And now you’ve given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams,
Feel like I could run away, run away
(From this empty heart)

This song came into the UK charts in 1985 as the first hit single of the English band ‘Johnny hates jazz’. Nothing has changed since then. People are still waking every day with these kind of words in their thoughts.
They said they were friends but then they spoke against you behind your back
Many promises but later they were revealed to be only lies.
Raised expectations only to see them dashed so soon.
Vision dies.
Now the desire is to run away from everything they once held dear.
We all know people with these experiences. And you may be one of these.

Man may let us down.
Even the most trusted person can disappoint you.
Those that should know better, who are privileged with high positions of leadership are sometimes lower in values than the real servants.

But our hope is in God. And in Him alone.
He is faithful.
Look to Him today.
Give over your whole life to Him right now.
He will never disappoint.

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