Psalm 43

Day 43: Be blessed!
This would certainly appear to be either the second part of Psalm 42 or closely connected to it.
The Psalmist calls to be vindicated, defended, rescued and guided.
However, the way to alter is on the altar, v4.
The altar in Hebrew means “a place of slaughter or sacrifice”.
Clearly foreshadowing Calvary and Jesus the Lamb of God, sacrificed for the sin of the whole world, it was and is the ultimate place of worship.
Worship is everything and changes everything. A person is never the same after worship, a death has occurred.
But for some believers altering their lives has become such a passion that they have forgotten the altar. They just want change. “Why am I rejected? Why am I oppressed? Why am I downcast?” They will do almost anything for improvement to their life. Pray more, read the Bible more, give more, go more and even worship more. But zeal alone is not enough.
We have done worship for so long, but let us become worship.
Don’t do it, be it.
If you want to alter anything then you have to be on the altar.
This is the joyful, delightful, blessed life.

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