Psalm 45

Day 45: Be blessed

This is a wedding song, a love song.
It could be between Solomon and a lady. It is definitely prophetic of The Lord and you.
If you have been a Christian for sometime then it is possible you have lost the passionate love between you and the Lord as a wife may do of her husband. It is important to get this back. This Psalm helps.
(V1-9 is the bride speaking to the groom. V 10-15 is the reverse ending with a couple of verses of the bride speaking again).
Today let your love for the Lord increase:-

1. Let your heart be stirred once again as you speak to Him, v1.
The Bible says your heart can become hard, deceitful and sinful. Even after you are saved your heart can become broken, bruised and downcast. There are times like today when we have to stir our hearts towards Him who is passionately in love with us.

2. Begin to use new words as your stir your heart towards Him, v2-4.
Speak of His excellence, His grace, His might, His victory, His truth, His humility and His righteousness.

3. Magnify God within your life. He cannot get bigger but He can within your thinking, v4-9.
Think on His strength, His ability to do great things.
Pray outside of your situation, for God to destroy His enemies, for nations to surrender to Him
Build the picture of Him within your life. What He loves, who He is, a royal picture.

4. Then Listen. Let the words of this Psalm speak to you. Allow the lyrics to form around you and within. Consider not in a light way but chew them over, meditate on them, hold them, turn them over, be affected by them. Don’t be distracted by your situation, v10.
5. Focus on words such as:
The Lord is captivated by you, He thinks you are beautiful, v11.
The Lord is your Lord, v11.
He is arranging gifts to be brought to you as a bride receives on her wedding, v12.
He invites you into the chamber, into the place of intimacy, where you can share happiness with the King, v13-15.
6. Tell others, v17.

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