Psalm 47

Psalm 47
Day 47: Be blessed
Loud noises today!
Clapping hands, shouting to God, cries of joy, shouts of joy, trumpets sounding, singing praises!
In fact singing praises is mentioned 5 times within 2 verses. Why?
This Psalm is no doubt riding on an amazing victory that God’s people have just experienced. The Jews will even now talk about their greatest victory being that of the destruction of Sennacherib in 701 BC. This king of the vast Assyrian army invaded the territory of God’s people to destroy them. On paper the outcome was inevitable, God’s people would die. But through the focused prayer of Hezekiah and the people, God intervened and killed 185,000 Assyria troops in one night. Therefore today when the Jews celebrate that victory they use this Psalm to do so.
However, once again we amazingly find a Psalm that is prophetic, that speaks of Jesus!
God has ascended, v5.
Therefore He must also have first descended. He did.
The Son, Jesus Christ, came down from heaven to earth to accomplish salvation, to rescue, to set free, to destroy the works of the enemy.
Then He ascended.
There is no event past, present or future that will surpass this momentous occasion of the Incarnation and then the Ascension of Christ. It is the foundation of our victorious life.
He reigns. He is in control on His throne. He owns the world. Jesus our Saviour, Jesus our Victory.
He has brought the Gentiles into the Kingdom of God alongside the Jews, v9. Paul stated in Galatians 3 that there is neither Jew nor Greek.
So this is why we are loud!
He has ascended. And because He did:
It was the sign that all He came to do was accomplished.
It was the sign of a new work of Christ, that of an interceding High Priest.
It was the sign that He will come again in exactly the same way as he left, visibly and bodily.
It was the sign that you too will ascend to Heaven.
Sing praises, sing praises, sing praises, sing praises, sing praises! We are blessed!

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