Psalm 56

Psalm 56
Day 56: Be blessed!

We have now become used to taking note of the opening lines in the introduction of the Psalm.
To the tune of “A Dove on Distant Oaks.”
When David had been seized by the Philistines.

David found himself distant from all he knew, from people he loved and his purpose for life. He felt distant and trapped in the grip of his enemy.
Under attack, pursued, afraid, plotted against, watched, under threat and tearful.
But he said these words:
By this I will know that God is for me.
Now you may not have a crazy weird and insecure king chasing you with a spear in hand as David had. However the things you face today and the uncertainty of your life may have chased you into the distant place and you are now surrounded by enemies of fear, doubt and of pain. “What can mortal man do to me?” “What can this set of circumstances really do to me?”
In the imperfect place David brought himself to that place where he could say as God deals with the enemies of my life I will know He is for me.
David may not have known how things were going to change for him, how he was going to get free from the enemy or how and when he would become king. But he did know God was for him and with God being for him then God will make a way for him and that is all he needed to know.
There may be a lot of things you do not know. The future may be unclear. Fear may be attacking you. You may feel distant from where you are meant to be. But because of the cross of Jesus who defeated every enemy you can say today:
This I know God is for me!
And that my friend is why we are blessed!

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