Psalm 60

Psalm 60
Day 60: Be blessed
Whatever the melody actually was, the person singing these lyrics would also have the lily of the covenant in their mind.
The most beautiful fragrant flower in an agreement between 2 people is in the background. Out in the open there’s a war and a feeling of God deserting them. Their world is shaking like that of an earthquake. They are not in control, as if drunk.
If that can describe your life at the moment then this Psalm is for you. If not then it can certainly describe our world.
Behind it all there is a tune; the melody of the covenantal cross of Jesus bringing peace and relationship between God and man and resulting in a beautiful you, the lily.
This covenant restores.
This covenant saves.
This covenant delivers.
It is because of this covenant that all of us can declare:
With God we shall gain the victory …! V12.
No matter the war or the feelings that war brings, we shall gain the victory. Victory is always truly found within community, within the ‘we’.
So face your war-torn world today with the knowledge that God has covenanted with you and he will never break that promise.

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