Psalm 62

Psalm 62
Day 62: Be blessed
Yesterday we acknowledged we all need somewhere higher to reach for, a mighty rock, a strong tower.
Perhaps with the continuance in mind David now writes that the higher place of God needs to be the only place.
My soul finds rest in God alone.
He alone is my rock.
Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.
God alone, no one else, all in all, you’re everything.
Yet we live in a world of so called stars and heroes who do not need anyone else. They do not sign up for allegiance to something; they just want to own everything. They run faster, climb higher and reach further not to belong, but to own. We live amongst a people who have become faithful only to themselves. They have lost confidence in their government, their family and friends, but not in themselves. They still believe that with hard work they can achieve, that with determination comes success and with great moral effort they can get what they want. Huge disappointment is just around the corner.
Let the song be sung very loud! It is God alone!
He alone is the way of blessing!

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