Psalm70 Day 70: Be blessed! Is it okay t

Day 70: Be blessed!

Is it okay to ask God to make haste?
More than this, is there any point in asking Him to speed up a bit?
Is He dragging His feet?
Can His moves be described as quick and slow? My slow days are my tired, disinterested days. This cannot be the lifestyle of God.
Surely God appears at just the right time? He acts in your life at the perfect moment.
However, this is not the intention David is trying to communicate.
We all need the emergency services and if we have never used them we accept life is better for having them there.
If we ever used them we would be expected to use words of “come quickly”, if we said “whenever you’re ready, no need to rush” then everyone would know we are not in that place of great need.
David is saying in my hour of need, when the crisis hits, when the enemy has come and gloats they are defeating me, I know who to turn to. I look to my deliverer.
Everyone around me calls their own 999, but I call upon God. I ask for speed not because I doubt Him, but because of my need of Him. It shows my desire, my longing and my intent.
So today maybe in your crisis you cry: I need you now, come quick.
This is acceptable and is encouraged.
Maybe you are outside of a crisis and yet the New Testament encourages us to pray: Maranatha: Come quickly Christ.

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