Psalm 99 Day 99: Be blessed The world is

Psalm 99
Day 99: Be blessed

The world is bonkers don’t you think?!
In today’s Telegraph newspaper a couple are selling their Cornish café, but are also selling some unusual items:
A small lump of bread pudding left over from the Prince of Wales visit, valued at £300.
A piece of crystallised ginger from Jan Leemings (ex newsreader) ice cream, valued at £60. The list goes on and on!
But this has always been the case in modern times. In 2002, the former barber of Elvis Presley sold a clump of Elvis’ hair for $115,000. A jar containing the “exhaled breath” of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was recently bought by a fan for $500. A piece of bubble gum chewed by Brittany Spears sold for $160. Who doesn’t want a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair? In 2011 the pop star’s hair sold on eBay for $40,668. For me, the best is a tissue allegedly used by Scarlett Johansson sold for $5,300 on eBay, used!
We are living in a celebrity icon world. It is clear who are being worshipped today.

The Psalmist calls us to worship at the footstool of God.
Isaiah 66: 1 has the picture of God sitting on His throne in heaven using the earth to rest His feet.
Palm 110:1 the footstool is the enemies of God showing not only His power over them but their servitude to Him.
Here on earth we need to worship Him, right now, no matter what our circumstance, even if we stand in the middle of the enemy’s trouble, we worship Him.

In this place of worship we find what greatness truly is.
It is not in the crumbs and hair of idols but in an awesome and mighty name.
It is in worship we understand His justice and true equity.
This is the lifestyle of the call and the answer.
This is the holy.
Blessed are we.

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