Psalm 141 Day 141: Be blessed When was t

Psalm 141
Day 141: Be blessed

When was the last time you were criticised?
Perhaps that’s far too soon for comfort.
Maybe today you will go back and work for that person who hurt you through criticism.
Criticism is often seen as negative and something to be avoided. Some people feel like they have spent their whole life being misjudged and brought down by some critical words of the ‘experts’.
Maybe because of this we can easily forget that criticism is very important for improvement. David thinks so in this Psalm, v5.
Here are 5 keys to healthy criticism from that verse.
1. Create a safe place for people to criticise. “Let a righteous man strike me.” Give permission, create the space for this to happen.
2. Welcome the thoughts of a righteous man.
3. Kindness is seeing things from a different perspective and speaking it.
4. All criticism whoever it is from does cause initial hurt.
5. Refusing to take such criticism is like refusing oil on the head, the symbol of blessing.

The blessed are criticised.

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