The 5 calls of God to His Church this Ch

The 5 calls of God to His Church this Christmas

Isaiah 40

1. A call of forgiveness, v2
Joseph thought Mary had betrayed him. Mary thought Joseph would not trust her. This relationship needed forgiveness. Every relationship does.
We must model forgiveness, of each other, of ourselves by a God who came to ransom us.

2. A call to remove the obstacles, v3-5
There were many obstacles: Joseph’s righteousness was a stumbling block at first. Mary had to say YES. The shepherds had to search. The Magi had to study. Then the first Christmas family had to become immigrants.
The landscape of situations may never be perfect, but we can change them, we can remove obstacles so that the story continues.

3. A call not to fear man, v6-8
One of the first things Gabriel said to Mary was ‘Do not be afraid’. Don’t expect everyone to be thrilled with the miracle that is inside you. They do not know that the miracle was planted in you. They do not know your encounter with the Divine Presence. Keep your eyes off people and their rejections will not hinder you.

4. A call to look for Christ’s coming, v9-11
It is more than possible that the Magi were Arabic astronomers, the ancestors of Arabic Muslims today, searching for the Messiah and then bowing down to worship the Christ-child. Whenever Christ comes, these strange things happen and will do so. “At the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil 2:10-11)

5. A call to trust God, for he knows you, v27
The whole Christmas story shows us that:
The world is under Him, v15-16, 23-24
He is much bigger than we can imagine, v18-22
He never gives up on us, v28
He enables us to rise, v29-31

These 5 simple calls are still there for you and me speaking to us through this amazing story.

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