Ezekiel 19 How many times have we heard

Ezekiel 19

How many times have we heard someone declaring the reason why they were saved was due to their praying mother? Many!
My. Other has prayed for me every day of my life and she will continue to do so, I have no doubt.
Great mothers are:
Strong, v2
Protect their young, v2
Pass on the baton of their strength, v3
Pick themselves back up when hope is lost, v5
Living near the source of life, v10
Live within their children, v10
Are blessed and bless, v10

But this is a lament.
Therefore, Judah was a mother who:
Is remembered as cruel and fierce, v2
Who slept with the heathen, v2
Raised up sons to become deceives of people, v3
Whose sons, jehoahaz and jehoakim were captured and killed, v4,9
Is like a vine, now destroyed, uprooted, thrown to the ground, stripped of power and burnt to cinders.

Let’s rejoice thankfully for our mothers and as a mother make sure the children don’t lament over you.

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