Daniel 8 Greatness and power are importa

Daniel 8

Greatness and power are important words in this chapter, they are repeated often.
v4 the ram becomes great, no one could stand against him and his power.
v8 the goat becomes very great.
v9 the little horn grew in power and set itself up as great, it prospered in everything, v12.
Satan will always move against God’s people with greatness and power.
Whether through the empires of the Medes and Persians of Daniels era or the spirit of antichrist found in Antiochus Epiphanes who gave himself the title “Theos Antiochus” meaning “The illustrious God” or the many ‘Hitlers’ of the modern world, all have attacked and still attack the church.
However, what we know today from this chapter is that the spirit of the antichrist will be destroyed, v25.
Whatever generation God’s people find themselves in, whatever empire they live under, they can speak boldly and loudly to the darkness and confusion of the circumstances.
We may not know everything, but we do know something, God always destroys the antichrist.
Even if what we face is great and has power, we are servants of God who is the Prince of Princes!
Join together along with Daniel and declare today:


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