Amos 1 He knew what Damascus had done to

Amos 1

He knew what Damascus had done to Gilead.
He knew about the king in the valley of Aven.
He had heard of how Gaza had captured and then sold innocent people.
He had heard that Tyre had rejected their previous truce.
He knew Edom had pursued war in anger and Ammon had done evil things with women.
He was just a shepherd living a lonely life approximately 11 miles south of Jerusalem near Bethlehem.
Yet he was paying attention to all this.
He was fairly insignificant but he was listening to the world around him.
It was this alertness that meant that when God called him he became His mouthpiece.
He teaches us that no matter where you are and what you do that if you pay attention to the world around you then God can speak through you.
So look around. Hear the news today.
What is God saying?
Hear Him speak out.

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