Amos 5 Have you enshrined your testimony

Amos 5

Have you enshrined your testimony?
Yes you heard God speak to you and vision was given to you. You look back and remember how He gave you a future. You moved forward as a renewed believer. It was amazing. It was Bethel and Jacob experienced all this.
But have you enshrined it? Do you long for all that again? Do you look back with desire for it to commence again?

Have you enshrined your successes?
You have seen miracles, maybe even performed them. You have experienced victory after victory and victory tastes sweet. This is Gilgal where the people commemorated the miraculous crossing of the Jordan. where Joshua began his conquests and where Saul became king. But have you enshrined it? Do you wear your medals of success with a sense of pride?

Have you enshrined your heritage?
You may be in the line of believers who previously knew God was with them. From one generation to the next it was like a baton being passed: “God is with you”. It has become a family motto. This is Beersheba where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob heard that God would never leave them. But have you enshrined it? Have the promises of God become everything to you?

Do not seek the experience. Seek The Lord who gives the experience.
Do not seek the victory. Seek the victory-giving Lord.
Do not seek His promises. Seek the promise-keeping Lord.

(Only 4 days to go, please help me ……..

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