I started in January 2012 to write an ap

I started in January 2012 to write an application of a chapter of the Old Testament every day, a blog of no more than 350 words. I did it to help the people in my church understand that every chapter of the Bible can help our journey in this life. Even though I have had a considerable change of direction I continue to write but for a wider readership. Thank you to the church in Dewsbury and thank you for everyone who still takes the time to read it from all over the world. With so much available these days I do appreciate it and I pray God will continue to speak to you through His Word.

And so the New Testament …!

Matthew 1

The most amazing happening God ever did, the incarnation of Christ, happened because of a set of circumstances that were unpleasant, challenging, offensive and dangerous. God took hold of these circumstances of life and used them as tools in his hand. Don’t ignore or rubbish your circumstances.

It wasn’t great for Mary but she was willing for God to seriously mess up her future. Are you?

It wasn’t great for Mary but she conceived, she submitted to an action outside of her. Can you? Or are you preconceived? Will you adopt new plans for your life?

It wasn’t great for Joseph, It can be difficult when the natural evidence is convincing.

It wasn’t great for Joseph but he was open to the changing of his mind, he became responsible for something that was nothing directly to do with Him and he separated himself so as not to bring any doubt to the miracle. Will you?

It was great for God it always is, though it may not look so to begin with. ‘Jesus’ meaning ‘God saves’ was the most common name at the time, there were many with that name.

God can hide the fulfilment of your promise in the ordinariness of life to give it time to grow.

It may not be great but we do have a great God.

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