Matthew 7 You may wake today to difficul

Matthew 7

You may wake today to difficulty but He will bring you through.

You may be harassed in every direction but He comforts you.

The word harassed is the Greek word Thlibo and it means ‘sufferings due to the pressure of circumstances or the antagonism of persons’. It is what comes upon them from without.

Following the word Thlibo through the gospels, the first time it is found is in this chapter in verse 14:

“But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

The word narrow stems from the word Thlibo meaning constricted, hard, compressed.

God is calling you to go the hard way, the difficult route, the harassed way.

But this is the road of life.

The purpose of this road is not money or fame or power it is life. These have all been stripped away because of Thlibo. What we are left with is the trueness of life. The life first realised in the beginning and revived through Jesus; a life of awe and admiration of all that God is and has made; a life Alive to life.

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