Matthew 12 I am who David and Elijah spo

Matthew 12

I am who David and Elijah spoke of (v8); I am the Lord of the Sabbath (v8); I am who the Jews are waiting for (v23); I am the driver out of satan (v28); I withhold forgiveness from those who resist the Spirit (v32); I am the sign of Jonah (v39) and my Father is in heaven (v50).

Such influence!

Never before had anyone been so confident. It was claims about why he was here that brought great trouble to him. It was claims about where he was now that brought great trouble to the church. Never before had someone lived with such relationship of purpose with the Father. Never before could a dying man utter the words ‘It is finished’ signifying all that he was put on earth to do had been done. Never before had anyone predicted their own resurrection. Never before had someone been crucified and died and 3 days later was risen again. It is that purpose of life and belief in eternal life that Jesus wants for you and me, for this church.

People follow people of influence who promote worthwhile causes.

People first buy into the person before they buy into the person’s product.

Every message that people receive is filtered through the messenger who delivers it. If you consider the messenger to be credible, then you believe the message has value.

We need the Holy Spirit to so permeate our lives that we become people of influence.

The person of influence finds the message and then the people.

The people find the person of influence and then the message.

Our prayer has got to be that we become a person of influence

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