Matthew 19 What perspective of life did

Matthew 19

What perspective of life did Jesus hold to?

In answer to a question on divorce we see His perspective was ‘at the beginning’. His answer was ‘what was Gods original intention?’ At the beginning there was never a need for a certificate of divorce.

The mission of Jesus was to link man back to the beginning.

How did God reveal Himself at the beginning? It was El Elohim: Creator God. “In the beginning El Elohim created”

We need to hold in our hearts the El Elohim.

This revelation of God as it forms in you will change your praying and expecting and what you do and how you spend your life.

The El Elohim revelation is ‘Give me wisdom, give me strategies, use me to change the culture I work in and live in.’

The Creator God releasing what is inside of us, creating, producing and changing.

It is a significant move from ‘Help me get through this day’ to ‘Help me to change this day into a creative day’.

We become involved in our world, not trying to escape it afraid we may be tainted by it.

We are raised into a taskforce to bring creation out of chaos.

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