Matthew 21 The vehicle that took Jesus i

Matthew 21

The vehicle that took Jesus into the city of his baptismal death was ready even though it didn’t look like it.
Jesus is riding a young donkey which the other gospels say had not been ridden before.
An unbroken colt in a city of mayhem, noise and chaos would be very hard to handle it would go crazy with such an environment. Surely this is not the vehicle to use, it is not ready?
Yet with its mother next to it and the Prince of Peace on it then it will be at peace.
We can set the standard of what is ready or not. Often we say we are not ready or people can block our destiny saying we are inexperienced, not gifted enough, not wise enough.
But today, maybe others have done more, seen more, know more than you. However, this is your time, your moment, your life to live for God. The Prince of Peace is coming with you on a journey, he is steering you, it’s a new day!

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