If only … 1 Corinthians 10 If only peo

If only …
1 Corinthians 10
If only people could finish as well as start, v1-5
Maybe today the crowds prefer the starting line and what will happen and what will be experienced rather than the finishing line and what did happen and was experienced.
The starting line isn’t exhausting.
Many start few finish.

If only people could live in light of Christ’s death, v14-22
Some either over emphasise the Lord’s Supper, communion or mass turning it into something supernatural and others under emphasise it turning it into something unrecognisable to what Jesus had in mind.
Why don’t people having partaken in Christ learn to die like him? Some are doing this right now but others are concentrating too much on living.

If only people could be free without hurting others, v22-33
But they use their freedom to please themselves.
Often pleasing yourself will hurt someone else.
There needs to be a new understanding of freedom.

If only.

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