“All I have left is my eternity. The en

“All I have left is my eternity. The enemy cannot take my eternity.”

The lady had been raped continuously by several men for over half an hour. Before and after the dark event her life was as opposite as you could get.
What a precious privilege for me to sit with this lady and to hear that though her enemy had taken everything that was sacred from her life, all that she was, all that she could give and had severed the relationship with her husband, there was one thing the enemy could not take.
That one thing the lady hung on to like a treasured possession.
I had what she had, but I learnt that day to hold my eternity with such gratefulness and joy as this lady, for one day I may also only have that one thing left.

1 Corinthians 15
Let us preach that Christ was raised, v4.

Our preaching is not in vain and we are not liars, Christ was raised, v14-15.

Because Christ was raised we too will be raised in eternity, v16.

Christ is raised and our faith is true and we are free, v17.

The last enemy of our life is death, it has been defeated, v26.

Eternity makes suffering worthwhile, v32.

This body with its pain and disease will waste away but our eternal bodies are powerful, v43.

When everything is stripped away all one has is their eternity.

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