It’s the way you are sitting These are

It’s the way you are sitting

These are the times of the Alpha male! Loud, domineering, centre of attention oh yes and a tad obnoxious!
2 Corinthians 10
It is clear from this chapter that Paul is being accused of not looking like an apostle. He wasn’t the Alpha male.
Recently I was visiting a church, not many people knew me and I took a seat to the side. A man in welcoming me turned around and said “you look like a leader.” I was puzzled what that meant so enquired further, to be told, “it’s the way you are sitting”.
Feeling very conscious of how I was positioning my body, not knowing whether to try and slouch or to hold my stomach in more, I was amazed that even now at my age I am hearing things I have never heard before!
People like their Prime Ministers to look like Prime Ministers. They like those in authority to wear clothes that look authoritarian. They want to be able to spot an Apostle.
So how does Paul come to them?
With a rage of unbelief that the church is how it is. Bullying, abusing, manipulating, spitting hurtful remarks, dealing forcefully with the matter?
A friend recently said they couldn’t take a promotional job because to do the job everyone expects the person not to be nice and care what other people think. There is an expectation generally that the higher you go in life the more difficult you are to get on with.
Christmas is about celebrating the highest one stooping as low as possible to reach us.
Paul does speak firmly. He does address the issues.
How does he do this?
In the humility and gentleness of Christ.
It means being in control of yourself and not trying to control the other person.
It means not focusing on the failure and the judgment that brings, but rather to focus on making room for another attempt at success and the resulting victory.
How are you sitting?

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  1. am happy for finding you my elim leaders and brothers in christ i also thank you for the work you are doing of spreading the word of god to all nations and i thank god for putting the elim family on the world map

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