The humility of Christmas 2 Corinthians

The humility of Christmas
2 Corinthians 12
We know the poverty of the story. We know that Joseph and Mary became homeless, asylum seekers, no possessions and no benefits. We know that the angelic host came to shepherds who were not on the rich and famous list. We also know that the Son of God humbled himself to become incarnated into humanity.
So why all the boasting?
Why the boasting of our achievements? What we have done for God and for man for ourselves, why the self-applause? It has become so much part of our culture now, it has become acceptable to give ourselves a really good pat on the back!
The apostle Paul says he will boast about his weakness, his humanity, his struggles in life.
He will boast about his ‘thorn’, his unanswered prayers, his question mark that never gets answered.
He will boast about the difficulties he faces.
He will do all this with gladness not with a spirit of complaint.
Could he boast about achievements in God? Yes of course! He had achieved the third heaven, wherever that was it was close to God. But he chose not to because he understood that there is more power in the story of weakness than the story of accolade. When will we?
So this Christmas if you talk about you then keep it measured. It’s so much better to speak of your struggles, your questions and the pressures you face with a thankfulness that He has been born in your heart. You do what He did.
It’s better and to be honest, we all would prefer it.

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