A powerful calling! Ephesians 4v1 Your c

A powerful calling!
Ephesians 4v1

Your calling is the same as that of Christ Jesus.
The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work, and so must we. (1 John 3:8)
We must not live in fear of the evil one more spend time shouting at him. We must move into our culture to have such an effect on the poor, injustice, offering grace, healing broken lives, that we destroy him!
Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist … and so must we. (John 13:3-4)
You are never too big to get small. In fact the higher you get the lower you must become. Take off the garments of recognition, letting people see you in a way that is humbling, human and honest.

Your calling is right now.
For Paul it was this prison he had been called to.
Where are you now? Are you displaying your calling?
Two years ago I had the privilege of speaking with the director of a woman’s ministry in Swaziland. A wonderful woman helping women live lives of freedom and find Christ in the midst of their HIV death sentences. The difference is she herself is a HIV patient and has 4 years expectancy, at times the doctors have said to her that she could die that day or the next, but she carries on in her calling. Her calling is right now in this body wrecked with disease. Two years on she continues in her calling.
Stop thinking of what people think of your circumstance and live the calling right now. It may not be perfect but neither is the world. Do you know how many days you have left to live? So why wait another day to begin to live your calling?
Where can God take you if you believe in the calling He has given you?
What can God do with you if you believe in His calling?

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