It’s meant to be tough! Ephesians 6 The

It’s meant to be tough!
Ephesians 6

The highly regarded HBO Band of Brothers follows a company of US paratroopers through the preparation and experience of invading Europe on D-Day. Based on real life interviews by survivors, the series captures both the intensity of war and the heroism of the troops.
In a moving scene Winters leads his troops into the most celebrated feat of the war, holding the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge. A soldier leaving the front line pulls Winters aside and says ominously, “Looks like you guys are going to be surrounded.”
Without hesitation Winters replies, “We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.”

As Christians, it is meant to be tough!
You are meant to be struggling!
Why be surprised when bad things happen?
This is the battle!
But our captain is Jesus!

Today you can still your storm, cast out the demon, heal the sick, see sinners forgiven and death be overcome.

The attacks will come to no avail. No value. No advantage. No profit. No effect. No benefit. Because you have the armour of God don’t you?

Don’t let the circumstance have the last word on you.

Be … Put on … Take your stand … Put on … Stand your ground …stand firm … Take up …

You are a soldier of Christ!
You are in the army now.

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