Women should be silent, unappealing to the eye and not be a leader!

Women should be silent, unappealing to the eye and not be a leader!
1 Timothy 2
I don’t actually believe that title, I used it to grab your attention.
But some people do.
They like their women to be a certain type of woman. By ‘they’, I mean the men, the opposite sex who are experts in the field of what is acceptable or not have here verses in the Bible that support their graciousness.
For centuries the great minds of New Testament Greek and Theology have hotly debated what Paul really meant.
So let me join in the fun with a few of my own simple thoughts:
1. This is Paul’s letter to Timothy, 1:1-2, it is not a universal letter.
2. The Ephesus church were believing a lot of false strange teaching, 1:3.
3. Paul wanted men to pray, we assume rightly this also applied to women, 2:8
4. The reason why he mentions the men is because it looks like the only hands they were lifting were their own fists.
5. Paul’s dress code in v9 is just that, Paul’s and even then it is not about the outward appearance as much as the outward actions of a good lifestyle. What good is it for a woman to look beautiful but conduct herself in an ugly way?
6. Quietness is not silence, v11
7. The best learning environment is not loud and noisy with a disrespectful disarray, that’s the point of v11 and we assume rightly this also applies to men as Paul indicated earlier their use of ‘clenched fists’.
8. Who is the woman Paul has in mind? This is not women in general but a singular woman. She presumably was teaching false doctrines and she was assuming authority over men. The word to focus on is not authority as is the word assuming. The word carries meanings of arrogance, presumptuous and forcefully taking over as opposed to being invited to do so. Paul would not let the woman in question do that.

Not everyone believes the above, the objectors tend to be men.

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