The Spirit clearly says

The Spirit clearly says
1 Timothy 4:1-4

It was 11am Sunday morning, half an hour into the service and Big John stood up and spoke at length in a language very unfamiliar to me. The person next to me whispered, “the Holy Spirit is talking, wait and you will hear the message in English.” I was 14 yrs of age and learning that the Spirit spoke in an unknown language but that it could be understood in English. Big John would follow the similar pattern most Sunday mornings and usually the Spirit chose 11am to speak.

We all have experiences like mine perhaps. Thankfully they are fewer than the real directive, encouraging directional words of the Spirit that have shaped ours and many people’s lives.

The letter from Paul was for Timothy who was leading the church in Ephesus.
The temple Artemis was there. It was regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
Various cultures and religions (usually involving some form of magic) mixed in Ephesus. Sport, sex, art (usually depicting some sex act) was big business.

“Timothy, the Spirit clearly says that what you are experiencing with regards false teaching is going to come.”
But I want to know how we know what the Spirit is clearly saying?
Is there anything in these few verses that can help us?
The clarity of the Spirit:
1. Will be focused on the FUTURE, v1
2. Will be culturally RELEVANT in the present, v1-3
3. Will always COMPETE with other spirits to speak to us, v1
4. Will be founded from within CREATION, when everything was good, v4
5. THANKFULNESS as a lifestyle is the best environment to hold the Spirits voice, v4
6. The regular repeated reading of the BIBLE familiarises us with the voice of God, v4
7. PRAYER will take us to the quiet meditation of our spirit with God’s where we can begin to listen and contemplate the still voice within us, v4
Today lets make sure we are living in such a way that the Spirit’s voice is very clear.

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