You’re just like your mum!

You’re just like your mum!
2 Timothy 1
Eunice’s name means ‘Good victory’.
We all want a good victory at some time in our lives!
Her victory came about through her sincere faith.
What did it mean for her to have a sincere faith?

* It was tested with the ‘why’ question?
In Acts 16 we are told that Timothy’s dad was a Greek, not a believing Jew like Eunice. There is no evidence that he ever converted. It takes faith to live with an unanswered prayer. Many do. Why God are you not answering my prayers for my husband?
Are you being tested by illness?
Are you being tested by unanswered prayers?

* The genuineness was seen by her sharing the faith.
And who did she share it with? To Timothy her son.
We will read in chapter 3 how Paul reminded Timothy he had learnt the Scriptures as an infant.
Even before she became a Christian, as a Jewess she was sharing her Abrahamic faith and the Old Testament stories with Timothy. She made known the Holy Scriptures till Timothy owned them himself.

* Open hands are always the sign of sincere faith.
Eunice released her son to join Paul’s missionary journeys. Generosity reveals the genuine. Faith is always in the letting go.

These are the keys to a good victory.

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