Jannes and Jambres

Jannes and Jambres.
2 Timothy 3
These 2 men opposed Moses according to Paul. However, you will never find their names in the Old Testament, They are just not there, I checked.
Now I am sure there are many who have their own theories on who these two were exactly, however Paul knew about them, he did know their names. Whether they were recorded in some Jewish writing or maybe their names were passed down generationally. I am not focused on that right now. My point is this: can you imagine being known for generations as being an opposer, a blocker, someone who discourages and gets in the way? We all know someone who opposes not promotes and we give them a wide berth.
Don’t be known as a Jannes and Jambres. Don’t let your name be used in the generations to come as someone who was known for their opposing qualities rather than their supporting ones!
For that to happen I think it’s fairly easy: make sure today someone gets encouraged and makes sure today you don’t discourage anyone.

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