Two men come to Church for the first tim

Two men come to Church for the first time.
The first man is wealthy, arrived in a big flash car, his hair is styled, he’s wearing an expensive suit. He says to the usher, “Bless you my brother, what a lovely Godly place you have here.” The Pastor spots him and from within there is a burst of joy as he runs up the aisle to greet the brother and as he does he thanks God “for the great asset he will be for the church, does he know the blessing of tithing?” The rich brother is taken to a padded chair at the front by the usher, “Please sit here, the treasurer usually sits here, but he can find another place.” Thoughts are ringing around the congregation. Everyone has a calling from God to befriend the man and to make it easy for him to fit into the Church.
Then in comes the second man. There are sighs all around. This man has walked to Church without a Bible. He’s wearing big, dirty walking boots, shorts, a t-shirt that says ‘Heineken reaches parts of your body that a cup of tea doesn’t’. He has a Kiss Me Quick Hat on, obviously ready for the welcome time, he empties his pipe outside and sticks it into his pocket. He raises his hand and shouts to the usher, “Give me Five” and the usher goes looking for five hymn books. “Where shall I sit?”
“Sit on the back row” came a voice from somewhere. The Pastor spots him and realises that he will be a member of high maintenance if he stays.
The church are wondering if the pastor will change his sermon under the inspiration of the spirit to:
10 theological reasons why we never wear Kiss Me Quick Hats in Church.
At the welcome time, the people of the back row who never usually move a muscle all walk to the front to greet the first man and remain sitting with him, leaving the back row visitor alone.

James 2

Practice discernment
Get rid of prejudice.

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