Godliness 2 Peter 1 What is godliness? 1

2 Peter 1
What is godliness?

1. Godliness is addition, v5
Adam was perfect but then became the Adam man.
The Adam man is a hypocrite: different in reality from what he appears to be.
The Adam man deceives even himself: they appear to be like Christ and think they are, but they are not.
The Adam man cannot cure his own heart: some create a conversion of the mind and of lifestyle and have certain changes to show for it.

2. Godliness is always seen in its involvement with people, v5-8
Peter uses the word ‘Philadelphia’, we use the words ‘brotherly kindness’. It is only the New Testament where this word has been used outside the context of a home. Then he uses ‘agape’ for love. It means sacrificial live. What was Peter saying?
If you are godly then you will treat the church as your family. In our world you can spot the godly by the way they speak and act towards people.

3. Godliness has a list, v12-21
This list is the conversion of the heart into a godly heart.
a. Step down: it’s never about you. Jesus stepped down in the incarnation and in the footwashing. We need to learn this.
b. Suffer faithfully: it is part of God’s process to make us more like Christ.
c. Speak up: we need to be messengers who are not dumb because of fear or desire to be popular.
d, Be Spirit-filled: it is not our own strength but the enabling that comes from God.

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