He’s finished! 2 signs. The one of the

He’s finished!
2 signs. The one of the birth of Christ and the other, the downfall of the devil.
We know off by heart many Christmas stories but do we know this one in Revelation 12?
We do not need to wait till Easter Sunday to announce that the devil is defeated. This Christmas story tells us.
He has many names, ancient serpent, v9, bringing us back to the beginning of Eden; he leads the world astray, v9; and he accuses us, God’s people, v10.
But no more!
As John describes what he sees, the dragon losing the battle in heaven and falling from it, this has an enormous benefit for us. Namely that Satan is not in heaven anymore, therefore, with no access to God, he cannot accuse us before the Judge. Who can accuse us? Who can bring a charge? Who condemns? Not him. Not anymore.
So because his power to accuse is disabled, what does he become? The deceiver. But John sees how God’s people will not fall prey to this either. How? The blood of the Lamb! Their witness and their sacrificial life, v11. What can the enemy do to us?
There is victory in heaven and also on earth.
Will he stop trying? It appears at this stage of the Revelation he doesn’t.
He pursues the woman, but as Isaiah prophesies, she soars on wings like eagles.
Where does he go next? To her offspring.
To those beyond Christ, to the followers, to you and me.
The conflict continues and the Revelation isn’t over …

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