Over and Out! Revelation 18 Up till now

Over and Out!
Revelation 18
Up till now it was the future. But now John is in that future and is seeing what was said about the world’s order come true, she has fallen.
Confirming her real crime not being the literal drunkenness and sexual immorality rather her luxurious extravagance, John hears of how her trade and economy has come crashing down.
And it will all happen in 1 hour, v17.
1929, the Wall Street crash when 30 billion dollars had been lost, twice the national debt, it was then the U.S. moved into their Great Depression. One observer in Wall Street wrote how “traders hollered and screamed, they clawed at one another’s collars. It was like a bunch of crazy men. Every once in a while, another tumble and you’d see some poor devil collapse and fall to the floor.”
It is a shadow of what is to come.
John is brought back into the present, v4, with a call from heaven to God’s people not to be caught up into such extravagant living and in v20 to Rejoice you saints, apostles and prophets.

So let us leave the pressure of this world to be an extravagant worshipper and let us be the ones who live (saints), who go (apostles) and who speak (prophets) for God, who calls us to rejoice with heaven that soon the old order will pass away.

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