He is going to make all things new! v5 R

He is going to make all things new! v5
Revelation 21
This has got to be the promise of all promises!
What is He going to make new?

1. Creation will be made new.
This world as we know it is dying. Last year the WWF produced a report entitled ‘Life on Earth is dying’.
It reported that the number of vertebrates – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish – on earth has fallen by more than half since 1970. We know the world as we know it is changing and not for the benefit. Seasons are confused, pollution and disease has increased, this is certainly not paradise.
But there is a new earth coming. God will make what we know new.
2. Our spiritual brokenness will be made new.
And as John saw the prostitute, Babylon, as the world system, he now sees Jerusalem, a picture of the Church, prepared, perfected for Christ.
He makes all things new. Including the shame, the guilt and the sin of our lives, all of it will have gone forever.
3. Our bodies will be made new
No more death, or mourning or crying or pain …
This body that we know now will be changed. It dies and it grieves and it cries. If all of that is gone then what is left is perfect. Our minds perfect, our bodies perfect.
Some today have struggled all their life with disability, some have faced accidents and are never the same again and some spend the last few years of their life crippled by disease. The problem is temporary for God will make our bodies new.
4. Our relationship with Him will be new.
“The dwelling of God is with men …”
There are times when we feel so far from God, we get frustrated because we cannot see Him. But there comes a day when that is no more.
This earth new!
This life new,
This body new!
This God-relationship new!

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