AGAIN On the evening of the Resurrection


On the evening of the Resurrection day Jesus had supernaturally appeared at a Disciples meeting in a certain house.
His words were “Peace be with you”. He showed them his nail prints in his hands and side and AGAIN said “Peace be with you” before commissioning them.
A week later, the disciples met AGAIN. They were AGAIN in the same house. They AGAIN locked the doors. AGAIN Jesus supernaturally stood among them and yes AGAIN He said the same words, “Peace be with you” before encountering doubting Thomas.
(John 20:19-29)

Don’t reject repeated actions.
Lifestyle choices.
Often our days are AGAIN moments.
And often we struggle because we want different, spontaneous, exciting moments.
Don’t reject repeated actions.

Turning up in the same place each week to do the same things will often cause God to show up also AGAIN and AGAIN. We move He moves.

If we welcome and pay attention to the familiarity of God’s voice then each time He speaks, though it may appear the same, there will be something new we are hearing. Preconceptions to the Word of God is the biggest barrier.

Not everyone journeys at the same rate as each other and by having AGAIN moments it allows for the stragglers to catch up, for the Thomas’s who didn’t quite have the best of starts, to receive. Your activity of life isn’t just about you.

Embrace your AGAIN today.

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