The cost of Easter The average British p

The cost of Easter

The average British person will have spent £52 on chocolate at the Easter weekend. The total spend will have been approximately £176 million and £163 million respectively on food and drink for the Easter festivities with £117m going on gifts, £65m on flowers and £39m on cards.

Luke 12:13-21

In regard to material things Jesus said more about money than he did about prayer.
And whenever he discussed money, he did so with the assumption that all material things belong to God.
The biblical thought is that we are stewards of all our possessions and responsible to God for what we do with them. The NT actually affirms the legitimacy of private property – Peter confronted Ananias and Sapphira because they falsely claimed to have dedicated their property to God when they had not done so. Their sin was their false claim, not their possession of property.
We as Christians are called to be stewards. Of our possessions and actually of the whole earth.
This parable of the rich fool is one of the Lord’s primary teachings on this subject. The story is about a man who failed to recognise that he was accountable to God for all he owned.
You see this is not about looking at the wealthy and saying you should give more away. This is a teaching for everyone of us. Rich and poor. Whether we have much or little. Do we live with the recognition that everything we have is God’s? We are responsible and accountable to God for all we have.

I wonder who bought the most expensive Easter egg being sold at Harrods for £700?!
And I wonder if people knew the festivities were celebrating Christ who paid the ultimate price by giving everything away, His very life.
Easter shows us all that we are and have belongs to God, our life is not our own, we were bought with a price, a high one.

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