Islam On this last Easter morning 32 mus


On this last Easter morning 32 muslims were baptised by our Elim missionary in our church in a country which is a stronghold of Islam. It is the highest number of baptisms that the church has had but it may well be the highest number of Muslim converts baptised in an overseas Elim church in one service for some time.
The good news is we are praying for more!
With this being the dry season the wells have dried up and so water had to be carried from boreholes many distances away to create the baptism pool! The fun part was that some Muslims not yet followers of Jesus helped with the carrying of the water!!
I ask you to pray for the newly baptised disciples:
1. It is often after the baptism that they face tough persecution.
2. This is only their beginning, they now are faced with the challenge
of being disciples who make disciples.
3. There were 4 people who decided not to be baptised because of fear, they now have a mixture of emotions and are seeking for greater courage to be baptised next time.

The word ‘Islam’ is an Arabic word meaning peace and submission. It’s wonderful that around the world many are finding their Islam in Christ Jesus!!
But if course many converts to Christ face a death sentence despite the Quran not saying anything about punishing apostates, only those who commit treason. Those within Islam who are the persecutors use hadiths (traditions and sayings of Mohammed but they are debatable and have different interpretations). So the Christian deaths are by people who are not of the Quran and yet the people of the Quran seem to be frustratingly silent.
However the Spirit moves forward and continues to expand the witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In his book, ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’ 25-year missionary, David Garrison, writes, “There is a revival in the Muslim world. Between 2 and 7 million former Muslims have converted to Christianity in the past two decades.”

More Lord!

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