Karaoke Many people think karaoke was in


Many people think karaoke was invented in Japan with the word being a Japanese word meaning “singing without accompaniment.” But it was actually birthed in the PHILIPPINES! Invented by Roberto Del Rosario who called it “Sing along with the system.”

Some think Karaoke is from the dark realm whereas others love it.
Singing is quite contentious apparently.
In the church it has a history of furious debate.

We need to thank Ambrose, the 4th century bishop of Milan for starting congregational style singing as we know it. However some of the church experts at the time opposed him on the grounds that it permitted women to raise their voices too!
Church singing would have a turbulent journey until the 18th century but even then because of Calvin’s insistence that Christians should only sing the Bible, ie the Psalms, which were generally okay but occasionally you would find yourself having to sing:
“The teeth, O Lord, which fast are set,
In their mouth round about:
The Lions’ teeth that are so great
Do thou, O Lord, break out”.
(Psalm 58)
Biblical but not great song lyrics!

Though it was better than one of Isaac Watts hymns which starts:
“There is a dreadful hell,
And everlasting pains;
There sinners must with Devils dwell
In darkness, fire and chains”.

The Bible is full of music and song. As early as Genesis 4:21 we come across Jubal, the first known musician.
Look at these verses: Psalm 95:1; 98:1;
Moses sang, Deborah sang, Paul and Silas sang, heaven sings.
In Ephesians 5:18-21 Paul encourages us to go on being filled with the Spirit by singing and making music in your heart.
In Colossians 3:16 Paul says singing allows for the Scriptures to live within you. It is true that we know so many lyrics of songs, probably more than sermons we have heard.

It is Biblical. It builds us and others up. It nourishes us with Gods word.
So go on, choose a song that glorifies God today, and sing!

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