Goodbye Today I leave the Philippines, i


Today I leave the Philippines, it has been fun training many Pastors and leaders on aspects of leadership.
Last night the leaders gave me a typically wonderful Filipino send-off and now saying my goodbyes I head out to the airport and my flight home to say hello to my family.
Of course I will need to do various things along this journey. I will need to carry things, know the correct gate to board the plane etc. Oh and of course the security!
A U.S. citizen traveling from Tel Aviv told authorities at John F. Kennedy International Airport that he had nothing to declare. His definition of nothing? More than $1.2 million in diamonds.
A 78-year-old woman at Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport in 2008. Instead of placing her luggage onto a baggage chute, as instructed, she plopped herself down on it! Reclining on the conveyer belt of the unmanned chute like a tray in a cafeteria dishwasher, she traveled to the baggage handling area before someone rescued her.
I will keep my eyes open for anything strange to report!
Anyway back to the thought of journeying.
Our life is a journey isn’t it? Twists and turns, ups and downs. In my blog today I just want to pose some questions and for you to answer one or two.
But first read, Joshua 3:1-8
What are you carrying?
What is important to you?
Who is helping you to carry the load?

Where are you going?
What are you doing with what you are carrying?
What is the next 5 years going to look like for you?

What is your Jordan?
What is the barrier in the way of where you are going?
What are you worrying about the most?

What does standing in the Jordan look like for you?
Are you standing or are you burying your head in the sand?
Are you waiting for God to move first and show some sign of provision or is He waiting for you?

Who is following you?
Who is doing life with you?
Why are they doing this?

Off I go!

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