The morning of 10 sept 1984 9.05pm “My

The morning of 10 sept 1984 9.05pm

“My life changed”

These are the words of Professor Sir Alex Jeffreys. He discovered that a human DNA could produce consistent patterns that could be traced to identify relatives.

The ITV drama, ‘The code killer’, recently told of the story of how Jeffreys discovery was then later used in criminal cases to reveal the guilty.
This DNA fingerprinting would be used 2 years later in a gruesome double murder plot that would reveal the killer.

As the drama unfolds we see such strong clinical working by Jeffreys.
We are shown an individual who was passionately on a journey of discovery. This resulted in many failures but he realised that every failure was one more step nearer success. He sacrificed much. Until one morning he said the words, “My life changed.”

These are epiphany moments.
You know where you were and what you were doing. But news came or you finished your project, that breakthrough came, and your life changed for the good and for ever.
There are many chasing breakthroughs. Breakthrough conferences. Breakthrough teachings. But actually breakthrough comes after hard work that is persistent and faithful, where sacrifice is known. It is not these kind of breakthroughs that people are wanting, but more a hand-out.
Noah had a breakthrough but he had to build a boat.
Moses had a breakthrough but he had to stand against Pharoah.
David had a breakthrough but he had to go into the battlefield to face Goliath.
The list could go on.
People who experience breakthroughs are the ones who work hard.

Micah 2: 12-13

Today your life could change!

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