Life Compared to other African countries


Compared to other African countries, Namibia is a pleasant nation to live in. It doesn’t have some of the challenges that other countries have.
Life expectancy here is much higher than most African countries being 63 for the male and 66 for the female.

But I am struggling thinking of the work I am meant to be doing here today when my heart is with the Nepalese. I went to bed last night with the BBC stating a 1,000 deaths have been recorded. We all know it will be much higher as the effects of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck at midday yesterday will be counted.
I am so thankful that our missionaries and their families are safe but it feels selfish to be thankful when so many are devastated through the loss of loved ones.
How can life be so cheap, so fragile? But it is.
Yesterday ordinary people, like you and me, were going about their daily lives, in cafes, shops, temples of worship, at home etc. They were thinking and talking about a myriad of things. Their plans, their hopes and dreams. Their disappointments and complaints. They were thinking about tomorrow and this next week. They were talking about what might happen, what could happen, that life could get better.
Then the time struck 12 noon and everything stopped and it all ended. Gone.

Let’s read James 4:13-14

If you knew that this was your last day on earth, what would you do? How would you spend it and who with? Who would you speak to and what would you say? Who needs an apology from you? Who needs some thanks and encouragement? What lies unfinished? What could you do again simply because the person deserves it?

Live your life as if this day was your last. Hold your future lightly.
This is life.

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