It’s a Girl! Yesterday the gift of life

It’s a Girl!

Yesterday the gift of life brought smiles to those of us who care.
The nameless girl, fourth in line to the throne has been born into royalty. She is famous and she doesn’t have a name yet. Her life will be one of privilege. She will be admired from a distance. There will be no hardship from lack of provision. She will have all she needs.
Some are born in palaces and some in the slums.
Some healthy some not.
The rules of life simply look like chance.
Ecclesiastes 9: 11-12
Why are some born with privilege and some in poverty? It’s the big question for many. But our circumstances can make us be stronger.
Author Shekam Vedantum believes that those who swim with the current will always think they are good swimmers whilst those who swim against the current may never realise they are better swimmers than they imagine.
Maria Carey was born into poverty.
Justin’s Bieber lived in what he called a rat-infested home.
Leonardo Di-Caprio grew up surrounded by drug dealers and prostitutes.
Demi Moore lived in a trailer home with an abusive alcoholic father.
Circumstances don’t always prove your lot.
Luke 2:51-52
Nazareth was known as a place where nothing good came from it. If you grew up there then you were unlucky.
Jesus was obedient. He lived within the boundaries of his life at that time.
He grew in wisdom.
He grew physically.
He grew in favour with God and
He grew in favour with man

Whatever circumstance you are in, whether that of privilege or poverty. It is very possible to live and grow in that place.

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