Giant killing 2 What’s it going to take

Giant killing 2

What’s it going to take to kill the giant?
Know it will take work – Five Smooth Stones from the Stream

“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.” Psalm 46:4
The river, the Holy Spirit is moving across the whole world. There is a stream running from that river throughout our churches. The stream contains all that we need for our empowerment and happiness. But you have got to come off the banks of spectatorship and get into the stream itself and for yourself. You receive nothing on the banks.
David chose 5 smooth stones. What does that tell us about David?
There was no pride in this situation. He could have chosen only one, thinking it will only take one. “I’m a pretty good shot so that’s all I need.” We don’t approach our giant in that way. This is not about us, but HIM. There’s no time or room for personal agendas. There’s no place for any person wanting to make a name. This is not the place for the declaring and showing off of gifts and how good we are – it’s all about how good HE is. It only took one shot, but David was not so full of pride that he expected only to take one shot.
He was prepared to see the job through. “If it takes one, fine, 2,3,4, I’ll take 5 just in case. This giants coming down and if it take 5 stones to do it then that’s fine. I’m not here to fire one shot and then I’m off. I’m here to see the job through.”
Paul tells Timothy “keep your head, endure, do the work, discharge all the duties” 2 Tim 4:5 If you’re in a ministry area of the church then finish the job, bring it into something, take it further than when you took it on. Build on it, develop it and persevere until you have arrived with it.
Roll your sleeves up, work.

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