Expectation leads to Encounter – Ruth 2:

Expectation leads to Encounter – Ruth 2:1-4
Can I make ‘As it turned out’ turn out?
In some ways we have an enormous ability to make things happen in a general sense. We can be like Sarai who took Hagar and gave her to her husband Abraham and Ishmael was born. There will always be a way to make things happen and yet it not be the right way. There are many who have had to settle for God’s second best because they tried to make their destiny come to them.
Did Ruth do anything to make ‘as it turned out’ turn out?
The answer is yes, even though it was a total surprise. Ruth was not looking for Boaz like Sarai was looking for signs of a son. This was a surprise divine encounter for Ruth that she had no promise of. Yet though she was unprepared to meet Boaz at the same time she was very prepared.
I believe opportunities await those people who live their lives with expectancy. Some people will never realise their potential within them because there is no expectancy coming out of them.
Three servants were entrusted with amounts of money according to their ability. Two men went to work immediately with an expectancy of gaining and they doubled their money. But one man was a pessimist, he didn’t even put it in a bank to get interest, but he dug a hole and buried it in the ground. He was not expecting his money to grow. After a long time their master came back home. To the men who lived their life with expectancy and who had gained for their master more than what he had entrusted them with they were well rewarded. But the man with no expectation was stripped of the money that he had.
We must live expecting to produce and not hide away in negativity.

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